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Air India Carry Can Carry 40kg Of Luggage To The UAE No need to fret over excess baggage as passengers travelling to the UAE by Air India can now carry 40kg of check-in luggage. Air India chairman and managing director Ashwani Lohani, who is in Dubai... July 17, 2019 653 Category: UAE Local News
15 Items Banned When Flying From UAE Save yourself a lot of hassle by packing your luggage correctly. UAE airports have rules in place as to what you can and cannot pack in your checked in luggage as well as your cabin baggage when you t... July 11, 2019 2316 Category: Travel
Defining Dubai Airports Soaring Success “Words fail to express what we feel in our hearts for such a great leader who relentlessly seeks dignity and glory for his country and people. The people answer his call and the UAE is enjoying ... January 06, 2019 705 Category: UAE Local News
Indian Airport Customs Duty On LCD Or LED Televisions 2018 One of the most repeated questions on our website is regarding customs duty on carrying LCD/LED televisions as baggage to India. The main issue with this subject is that there are conflicting repor... December 19, 2018 753 Category: World News
2018 Guide - Duty Free Allowances For Indian Citizens Travelling To India Indian citizens who are staying / working abroad on a visa or foreign citizens of Indian origin are entitled to certain duty-free allowances while travelling to India. However, duty free baggage al... December 09, 2018 705 Category: World News
New Baggage Policy At Sharjah Airport From December 4 Passengers travelling through Sharjah International Airport have been advised to follow new baggage regulations effective December 4. Once the new baggage policy in place, bags that do not have at ... November 13, 2018 1587 Category: Transport
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