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World's Largest Aquarium At Abu Dhabi's Al Qana The largest aquarium in the Middle East, The National Aquarium at Al Qana in Abu Dhabi, is now 70 per cent complete and will open next year. The 10-zone, giant aquarium measuring over 7,000 square ... July 11, 2019 921 Category: UAE Local News
Animals Play A Critical Role In Maintaining The Natural Balance Of Things How many sea turtles do you think are killed every year due to fishing? An estimated 4,600, according to a 2011 study. Sea turtles are a vital part of the aquatic fauna. They maintain the oceani... May 07, 2019 484 Category: Environment
50 Plants Mentioned In The Holy Quran At Islamic Garden The first Islamic Botanical Garden located in Sharjah houses around 50 plants mentioned in the Holy Quran and Sunnah. The park, which was created by the Environment and Protected Areas Authority (E... April 22, 2019 3091 Category: UAE Local News
Mangroves Scrubs CO2 From Atmosphere, Contributing The Fight Against Global Warming When a pair of red foxes and six cubs emerged out of mangroves, children among tourists were excited to see them and they started feeding the cubs. A ranger on duty gently told the children they were ... March 05, 2019 566 Category: Environment
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