Airfare For Teminated Employees In UAE
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Hundreds and thousands of job all over the world got  affected  directly or indirectly by pandemic  coronavirus. Needless to  say , there is much  un certainity   in the world at this very moments. In the UAE those who have been terminated regardless of any reason certain benefits has been given by country labour law one of which is Return Airfare, which is  been shouldered by former employer to return to their home country. However, this only applies if the employee is, in fact, going to his home country and not going to work somewhere else in the UAE. Whereas in this scenario, the employer is not obliged to pay the home ticket as the employee is not travelling home. If your internal agreement mentions a ticket for the family, then that will be also applicable.

The Philippine embassy in UAE and the Philippine consulate in Dubai jointly said in a  statement  that terminated employees can legally claim the airfare from the employers as per UAE law. Meanwhile the UAE government partnership with Philippines embassy is keenly enforcing its compaign to keep  all residents safe from coronavirus.

A joint advisory from the Philippine Embassy and Consulate in Dubai for stranded Filipinos who wish to go home

The employer can book a flight via Emirates of Etihad Airlines, which have been given a permission to fly to the Philippines. There is no need to call the Embassy or Consulate on this because they have been given special flights permission to land in Manila despite the lockdown in Metro Manila and Luzon the advisory added. The statement came after the Philippine Embassy in Abu Dhabi and Philippine Consulate in Dubai issued a joint advisory detailing the guidelines for Filipinos who would like to go back home despite the flight and movement restrictions. Addressing the employers, the two missions said: “We are calling on the employers for their understanding and cooperation.”“(We are) ready to assist our compatriots and will do everything possible to help them weather this crisis, they added.

Airfare for Terminated Emplotyees

Ask help from family and friends

 The  advisory also added instruction to Filipinos,“If you have no employer or job contract and has arrived to the UAE to look for a job through the help of family and friends or through a sponsoring travel agency, you need to get their assistance to buy a ticket.

You can book directly to either Emirates or Etihad. No need to contact the embassy or consulate,” they added.

For those with no employer, relative or friend to help them and would like to go home for good, they should get in touch with the Embassy of Consulate “to help assess their situation.”

“The Embassy or Consulate will ask the Philippine government to purchase you a return ticket. If there is an available fund, we will facilitate your return to the Philippines,” the advisory noted.

Fund is available

Philippine Consul-General Paul Raymund Cortes told Gulf News the total budget of the Philippine government for its Assistance to Nationals (ATN) is PhP 1 billion pesos (Dh72.5 million) annually for overseas Filipinos globally. “Philippine authorities shouldered not just the airfare of amnesty seekers, but also their out-pass clearances and other administrative fees,” Cortes pointed out.

The Philippine authorities, instructed their compatriots who are seeking repatriation that “it would be helpful if they are fully decided to go home before they approach the Philippine Embassy or Consulate for assistance.

They said“ Please make sure of your intentions so as not to waste the resources which can be used for other urgent purposes. The advisory requested to keep patience because of the current situation .They ask compatriots to please give their Embassy or Consulate some time to arrange for their flights. They  may email and

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