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Ras Al Khaimah Workers Buried Alive In Well Ras Al Khaimah: Two Asian workers died on Monday after a large pile of sand collapsed on them while they were digging a well in a house in Ras Al Khaimah, police said. The incident took place at a ho... April 03, 2018 0 919 Category: Crime News
Drugged Businessman Found Naked In Woman’s Bed Dubai: A businessman has been accused of assaulting and cursing drug enforcement officers who found him drugged as he slept naked in a woman’s bed, heard a court on Sunday. A Dutch woman reside... April 03, 2018 0 961 Category: Crime News
Abaya Shop Vendor Gropes Woman While Taking Measurements Dubai: A vendor has been accused of groping a woman while he was taking her measurements when she went to buy an abaya, heard a court on Tuesday. The Emirati woman walked into a shop that sells aba... April 03, 2018 0 937 Category: Crime News
Drunk Woman Tourist Kicks, Bites Policewoman Dubai: A woman tourist got intoxicated, kicked and bit a policewoman and destroyed the window of a police car, a court heard on Tuesday. Police were said to have been alerted about a catfight betwe... April 03, 2018 0 919 Category: Crime News
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