Petrol And Diesel Prices Go Up In The UAE For July 2022
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The price of fuel for your car this month can be found here

Fuel Price in UAE for July 2022 (Applicable from 1st july)

Super 98 petrol: AED 4.63 per liter

Special 95 petrol: AED 4.52 per liter

E-Plus 91 petrol: AED 4.44 per liter

Diesel: AED 4.76 per liter

On June 30, the UAE fuel price committee announced petrol and diesel prices for the month of July 2022.

Fuel prices for Super 98 petrol will increase from AED 4.15 per liter in June to AED 4.63 starting on July 1.

The price of special 95 petrol has increased to AED 4.52 per liter from AED 4.03 in June.

Diesel will be charged at AED 4.76 a liter, compared to AED 4.14 last month, while E-Plus 91 petrol will cost AED 4.44 a liter, compared to AED 3.96 a liter in June.

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