UAE Jobs Are On Offer For Indian Amnesty Seekers
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People can contact embassy's helpline numbers with job enquiries.
Several hundreds of UAE jobs are on offer for Indian amnesty-seekers, who regularise their visa status, said Indian Ambassador to the UAE Navdeep Singh Suri on Wednesday.

"We have sensed that a lot of people seem to be more inclined to find alternate jobs once they regularis their visa status. We proactively reached out to some of the large Indian companies and organisations. We are pleased that at least 2-3 major groups have come forward and showed willingness to do spot interviews. Those persons who meet the skill sets will be employed. A couple of the companies have told us that they were ready to take several hundred employees after interviews," the ambassador said during a media interaction held at Indian Embassy. He noted that one of the companies was based in Abu Dhabi and another is in Dubai. The jobs on offer vary from cleaner to executive positions.

People can contact embassy's helpline numbers with job enquiries.

221 emergency certificates

Giving an update after a week into the amnesty scheme, the ambassador said the embassy has been 'adapting' to the changing positions in terms of procedures followed at amnesty centres.

"The implementation of the amnesty programme seems to be still a work in progress," Suri said. The ambassador said the number of Indian amnesty-seekers at various centres is 'relatively low'. So far there have been 35 emergency certificates issued out of 49 applications filed.

"There are 3.1 million Indians according to the UAE data. Next largest community (Pakistanis) is 1.2 million. When you look at it proportionately, the number of Indians showing up is relatively much smaller than say Pakistanis, Bangladeshis, Filipinos or others."

Pointing out a reason for low number of amnesty seekers, the ambassador said the embassy has been running a sustained and effective programme to repatriate illegal nationals. The missions have made efficient use of the Indian Community Welfare Fund, which is aimed at assisting nationals in times of distress and emergency.

The ambassador highlighted that till July 31 this year, 566 emergency certificates were issued, of which 483 cases were from jailed, ICWF beneficiaries. Last year, some 911 emergency certificates were issued.

"Nevertheless, we are leaving no stone unturned. We are working with every Indian association to do the needful," Suri said.

Indian Embassy counsellor M. Rajamurugan said so far Dh990,000 has been spent in the first seven months by the mission through the ICWF.

Meanwhile, Indian Consulate consul Sumathi Vasudev said so far 1,360 queries - mostly from Dubai, Sharjah and Ras Al Khaimah - were received at the mission.

"So far 186 emergency certificates have been issued till Tuesday."

In total, so far 221 emergency certificates have been issued by the Indian missions across the UAE.

Bus from Shahama centre

The embassy has also arranged bus service from Shahama immigration centre, starting Thursday afternoon.

"This is the hottest time of the year and it is not easy for people to travel. To start with, we will have a bus at Shahama to take people back to (labour) accommodations. If we see there are enough people at designated places who need to be transported to Shahama, we will make arrangements for that too," Suri said.

The embassy, in coordination with Indian companies, is making arrangement to provide food packets and water at the centre. The embassy is also in discussion with Air India to provide discounted tickets.

The ambassador reiterated the lines made popular by Indian External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj that 'pardes mein aapka dost, bharatiya dootawas' (your friend aboard, the Indian missions).

The embassy has opened help desk at the centre with service offered from 8am to 8pm.



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