Ajmans Unique Mosque Of Artistry And Colour
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The lights and projections on the exterior of Amina Bint Ahmad Al Ghurair Grand Mosque change every 5 minutes
Lighting up in the dark on Ramadan evenings is a beautiful structure with a Moroccan and Andalusian touch, that never fails to catch the eyes of passersby and residents in Ajman.

The Amina Bint Ahmad Al Ghurair Grand Mosque, located in the emirate's Al Safia area, stands out for its blend of traditional and modern Islamic design and architectural elements.

The beauty of its visual experience, displayed through colourful video projections in the dark, has been the main reason it attracts 1,500 worshippers daily in Ramadan. The mosque, predominantly marked by its beautiful contrast of gold and white, gets full during the last 10 days of Ramadan, especially during Isha, Taraweeh and night prayers.

"The colourful projections make people stop and gaze at it. People then want to check out the place and pray here during Ramadan," said Obaid Hamad Al Zaabi, director of the Ajman Branch of the General Authority of Islamic Affairs and Endowments. The mosque also receives non-Muslim visitors, allowing them to appreciate the artistic design, he noted.

The mosque invites Imams and Qaris from across the UAE, Saudi and Kuwait. Al Zaabi said that Kuwaiti imam Mishary Al Afasy is among the well-known Qaris that lead the Taraweeh and night prayers in the mosque.

Children are not allowed inside the mosque during Ramadan. Therefore, an air-conditioned section in the female praying room is provided for worshippers who wish to stay with their children during prayers.

An Iftar tent and extra parking spaces are also provided for visitors during the holy month.

Spread over 15,000 square meters, the Dh16 million mosque is predominantly in white and gold, incorporating verses from the Quran inside. Unique calligraphy work creates a maze design on its minaret. Its windows are decorated with Islamic motifs and allows natural light into the structure, adding to the worshippers' visual experience.

The lights and projections in the exterior of the mosque change every five minutes to different shapes, calligraphy displays and colours, setting out a journey that captures the feeling of time for the spiritual month.

Sheikh Ammar bin Humaid Al Nuaimi, Crown Prince of Ajman, built the mosque in memory of his mother Aminah bint Ahmed Al Ghurair.




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