Companies In The UAE Are Budgeting For Higher Salaries In 49% Of Cases
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A study shows that about half of the companies in the UAE plan to pay their employees more in response to inflation.

According to Aon's research, global inflation is at its highest level in the past four decades. Organizations and employees are affected as a result.

All sectors were represented by 150 firms in the survey. To understand how management is addressing rising inflation rates, a study was conducted.

Generally, upper management salaries are higher than those of junior and middle management, according to the study. According to at least 78 percent of companies, salary increases in their organization will differ by job level.

Participants in the survey indicated that maintaining a competitive landscape and retaining employees are the two most important reasons for conducting a salary review.

Companies reported that 15 percent of their employees' salaries were below market rate, prompting them to increase salaries. 27 per cent of respondents said that low pay is a reason for switching jobs. Finally, 23 percent of respondents cited inflation as driving the need for a raise.

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