Consumers Should Be Aware Of The Health Risk By Using This Oil
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The Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority issued a statement on Monday denying rumors going around about hydrogenated oils.

According to the authority, a video which has gone viral on social media states that the authority has banned the use of such oils in the UAE.

In reality, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the US had banned the use of partially or fully hydrogenated oils.

The ADFCA asserted that the FDA had stipulated the ban on such oil will be implemented by 2020 at the last extension.

According to the ADFCA release, hydrogenated oils are used in a variety of foodstuffs and products for consumer consumption throughout the world.

Such oils are subject to international, regional and global standards, like for example the oil's percentage of trans- to cis-fats.



25 Jun, 2018 0 1130
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