Dubai, Abu Dhabi And Muscat Figure In As The Fourth, Sixth And Eighth Best Places In The World To Relocate
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Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Muscat are named in the world’s top 10 best cities to relocate to, according to new research by

The best city in the world to relocate to is Austin, the fourth-largest city in the USA’s second-largest state, Texas. Austin has the third-best internet speed of any city in the rankings, at 87.5 Mbps. Additionally, the city scores high in terms of average temperature (20.4°C), and average monthly salaries at £3,984.

The second-highest scoring city is Tokyo. It is the largest city in the world with a population of over 37 million people, suggesting its mass appeal. Tokyo scores well for its number of restaurants and green spaces and on top of this, it has the best average life expectancy, with residents living to 84.

Charleston has been a city of conflict throughout the generations, as it proved a crucial battleground in both the American War for Independence and the American Civil War. Despite its tumultuous past, Charleston is now the third best city to relocate to in the world. One factor it exceeded in is internet speed, the average is 106.5 Mbps, meaning that it is by far the fastest of any city on the list. Additionally, Charleston has a high-ranking average monthly salary of £3,147.

Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Muscat figure in as the fourth, sixth and eighth best places in the world to relocate. Dubai is the best relocation destination if you are looking for sunnier climes, as it scored a perfect 10. The average temperature in Dubai is 28.2 degrees Celsius, and there is only 68mm of rainfall a year.

The capital of the UAE scores slightly lower than its neighbour with Abu Dhabi achieving 9.9/10. Temperatures are slightly lower at 27.9 degrees, but there is less rain on average with only 42mm falling. The joint second-best relocation city in terms of weather is another Middle Eastern capital. The Bahraini city of Manama has the same average temperature as Abu Dhabi.

The Qatari city of Doha is the top relocation destination located on the coastline, scoring a 7.53/10. Water temperatures in Doha are 24.83 degrees on average and the city has high annual salaries of £41,033

Abu Dhabi is the second top-scoring location for weather, and is also second for the best coastal relocation destinations. Although air conditions are warmer in Doha, sea temperatures are higher in Abu Dhabi.

The third best coastal relocation city is Dubai where air and water temperatures are the highest at 28.2 and 26.62 degrees retrospectively. However, wages are lower at £31,733.

Basel is the most expensive city to relocate to as the annual cost of living is £53,748, which is over £25,000 more a year than the average annual living cost from our study of £28,716.

Zurich is the second-most populous Swiss city and is also the second most expensive city to relocate to. Zurich is only around £290 a year cheaper than Basel on average.

Lausanne makes it a hat-trick for Switzerland by ranking in third for the most expensive living costs at £51,648. Lausanne makes it a hat-trick for Switzerland by ranking in third for the most expensive living costs at £51,648.



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