Fish Prices Double Due To Hot Summer
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Fishermen are also not keen on going out to sea.
Savouring a dish of fish, a favourite among locals and expats, is becoming increasingly difficult. Hot summer and lack of supply have led to prices of fish rise by almost 100 per cent in Abu Dhabi.

Vendors at Mina Fish Market said with temperatures soaring high, fish have dived deeper into cooler waters affecting the catch. Due to the heat, fishermen are also not keen on going out in the sea.

"We can't blame the fishermen. It is blazing hot," a vendor operating in the market for more than a decade said. He added the supply was less in past few weeks.

Popular fish like hammour, sheri, king fish and smaller ones like sardine and mackerel have all turned dearer. "Hammour was Dh30-Dh35 in June and now it has shot up to Dh60-Dh65 level. King fish is at Dh50 range from Dh30 till last month. Sheri costs Dh45 now. It has more than doubled from Dh15-20 seen in last few months," the vendor said.

Another seller said small fish coming from Oman were still finding customers. "One mann (4kg) of sardine is now Dh30. It was just Dh15 till last month. Sardine and mackerel are brought here from Oman. They are relatively less priced."

Vendors said the summer break and high prices have affected their business. They said the rates will climb further in August.

"Due to summer vacation, there is less demand and hence prices are still at these levels.

The less demand-less supply ratio is getting managed. By next month, most of the families could be back from vacations. However, temperature will rise further. Then there will be demand but lack of supply will lead to further price hike," vendors said.



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