Salary Increased For UAE Residents
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UAE salaries for mid-level professionals continue to outpace most Western economies.
A majority of people people working in the UAE have seen an increase in their salary over the past year compared to 2017. 

According to the annual Korn Ferry study which surveyed 600 companies across 20 economic sectors, 72 per cent of companies gave their employees a raise in 2018. 

Last year, only half of UAE businesses gave out bonuses to their staff, compared to nearly two thirds this year at 65 per cent.   

As per the study, "Average UAE salaries for mid-level professionals and executives continue to outpace most Western economies."

Companies are also making more selective raises and protecting their cost overhead. 

Government initiatives that help spur economic growth, falling rents, freezing school fees and new visa rules gave salaries more purchasing power this year.  



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