Hazy Dust Strom Weather In UAE
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Temperature will continue to reach highs of 40°C.
Hazy, dusty weather has hit different parts of the country, which will likely last all week.

The National Center of Meteorology (NCM) has sent out a warning, advising residents to be extra cautious during hazy and dusty conditions, which authorities said will last until Thursday.

Motorists have also been urged to drive with caution, as dusty weather will bring visibility to a range between 2,0000 to 3,000 meters across the country.

The NMC warned: "Low visibility," on UAE roads.

The country's official weather forecast attributed the unstable weather conditions to fresh winds, causing dust and particles from the environment to blow over some parts of the UAE.

"Continuity of the chance of suspended dust and poor visibility to less than 2,000 meters at times," announced the NMC.

Temperature will continue to reach highs of 40°C, with the maximum temperature expecting to reach 49°C in inland areas, while humidity levels ranging between 55-75 per cent.

Temperatures in the coastal areas will reach a maximum of 44°C, while the humidity will reach between 60-90 per cent.

Temperatures on the mountain areas will reach a maximum of 38°C, while the humidity will range between 40-70 per cent.

The highest temperature recorded on Sunday was 48.9°C in Al Dhaid, while the lowest was 26.5°C recorded in Jais Mountain.

Meanwhile on Sunday, Abu Dhabi reached a high 47°C, Dubai 45°C, Fujairah 40°C, RAK 45°C and Sharjah 44°C.

The NMC weather forecast revealed the weather will continue to be hot and hazy during the daytime on Monday and some clouds will appear eastwards, which may become convective at times during the afternoon and could extend to some internal areas of the country.

There will also be light to moderate winds throughout the week, with suspended and blowing dust.The relative humidity will increase by night and early morning over some coastal areas."

"Sea will be slight to moderate in the Arabian Gulf and in Oman Sea."

For Tuesday, the NMC said the weather is also likely to be hot and hazy during the daytime, with dust continuing to blow in some areas of the country, with southeastern to northeastern and northwesterly wind speed to reach between 15-25 kilometers per hour, to 45 kilometers per hour.Residents can expect Wednesday to have an increase in humidity by night and early morning over coastal areas, with a chance of fog formation, said the NMC.

The dusty and hazy weather is said to last at least until Thursday.



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