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Employees of grades eight to 11 will get 25 paid leaves as opposed to the 22 they got previously.
The annual leave for all government employees in Dubai has been increased, according to a new human resources law issued on Sunday. Employees of grades eight to 11 will get 25 paid leaves as opposed to the 22 they got previously, while those of grade seven and below will receive 18 instead of 15.

This was among the many new benefits stipulated by the law announced by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, to provide a "supportive work environment" for employees in the government sector."The new law translates our vision for a better future for our employees and giving them happiness," Sheikh Mohammed tweeted. "We aim to accomplish the requirements of success by giving our employees a stable environment in both employment and social sectors.

Among other new articles in the law is yearly travel allowances for Emirati employees' family members aged under 21 years, instead of 18. Expat employees will receive travel allowances for three children aged under 21 years.

The law stipulates a 10-day leave for employees mourning the death of a spouse, while another five days will be given when second-degree relatives die.

People with determination have been given additional benefits, with reduced working hours depending on necessity and right to five special paid leaves. They will also be given priority for employment opportunities.

The mandatory 40-hour work requirement per week has been removed, with employees eligible for overtime. Employees can also apply for any in-house promotions and are eligible for "periodic bonuses".

The law encourages Dubai government employees to further their education and grants a five-day paid leave for those working on research and academic papers.

Hailing the new law, Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of the Dubai Executive Council, tweeted: "It is an important boost to Dubai's ongoing efforts to update the work environment and institutional infrastructure of the government and maintain international standards."

The Dubai Crown Prince said the law prioritises the needs and requirements of various government employees. "It will support their career growth, and give them stability.

"Developing the skills and capabilities of UAE nationals, attracting the best minds and creating a work environment conducive to innovation and opportunities for growth based on merit - these are the pillars upon which we want to create an exemplary future for Dubai government workers," Sheikh Hamdan added.

Employment opportunities:

1. Right to in-house promotions with more leniency and flexibility
2. Right to overtime pay, removal of the mandatory 40-hour work week requirement

3. Right to periodic bonuses
4. Innovative hiring practices and methods, like remote work practices

The new HR law also introduces 'remote working' and provides special privileges to 'people with determination'. They will be eligible for shorter working hours if needed, subject to medical approval.Luxury and decent living standards:

1. Focus on Emiratisation in government agencies

2. Support for working Emirati women and families
3. Stipend (or entitlements) for Emirati citizens wives and children under 21

4. Stipend for expatriate workers' families and three children who are under 21


1. Right to 5 paid leaves for educational purposes including work on research and academic papers

2. Right to travel for learning and educational purposes

3. Modern field training methods after graduation


1. 25 work-day leaves for employees in tiers 8-11 (originally 22)

2. 18 work-day leaves for employees in tier 7 and above (originally 15)

3. 5-day leave for second-degree death in the family

4. 10-day leave for death of a wife/spouse

5. Extendable sick leaves according to the employee's health status

6 Allow for guardianship leaves for second degree relatives in the country and third degree relatives if traveling abroad

For the determined ones:

1. Reduce working hours depending on necessity

2. Right to 5 special leaves

3. Given priority during employment



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