UAE Private Sector Holidays In 2020
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Here's your opportunity to plan your calendar well in advance.
The UAE cabinet on Thursday approved holidays for the public and private sectors in the UAE for 2019-2020 (see the complete calendar here).

According to the decision, November 9, 2019, will be a holiday on account of the birthday of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), December 1 will be a holiday for Commemoration Day, and December 2-3 will be holidays for the National Day. December 1 falls on a Sunday, while December 2-3 are Monday-Tuesday. Therefore, combining these days with the weekend would mean a five-day holiday.

As for the year 2020, the public and private sectors will get at least 14 days of holidays. The list of holidays is as follows:

New Year: January 1 (one day)

Eid Al Fitr: Ramadan 29-Shawwal 3 (four days of holiday if Ramadan has 29 days, a five-day holiday if Ramadan has 30 days)

Arafat Day: Zul Hijjah 9 (one day)

Eid Al Adha: Zul Hijjah 10-12 (three days)

Islamic New Year: August 23 (one day)

Birthday of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH): October 29 (one day)

Commemoration Day: December 1 (one day)

National Day: December 2-3 (two days)



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