UAE Residents Caught Buying Fake COVID Negative Reports
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It was found recently that the residents of the UAE are buying fake COVID negative reports for their personal advantages. Residents in the UAE should avoid obtaining 'false negative RT-PCR test results,' especially for travel considerations, according to one of the country's premier healthcare professionals. 

On Wednesday, Aster DM Healthcare issued an advisory after third-party agents working on behalf of healthcare organizations, including Aster, were discovered at the airport with fake test findings.

The company has since filed a complaint with Dubai Police, and the case is currently being investigated.

Reports have been shown to be digitally changed to display a negative result in certain situations, while phony negative test results have been issued in others to guarantee that the person can travel without incident. Most nations throughout the world require a negative RT-PCR test report as a pre-travel requirement.

According to sources familiar with the situation, the continuous scam is being perpetrated by third-party organizations and travel agents. According to the source, they provide bogus unfavorable reports to passengers in order for them to board aircraft.

Aster DM Healthcare has issued public advice recommending UAE residents and visitors to seek RT PCR testing directly from legitimate healthcare practitioners rather than through agents.

In the UAE, PCR tests range in price from Dh50 to Dh150, depending on the service.

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