What Is The Dubai Amer Center? Where Is It? What Do They Do?
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Amer Centres have been established throughout Dubai for more than a year. About 70 centers had been opened by the end of 2018, and many more are on their way. But what exactly are the "Amer Centers"?

In English, Amer is basically the word for command. It refers to the services a citizen or resident of the UAE can receive at their offices.

Our next question is, which services will each center offer and where can we find them? We will take a closer look at these centers in this article, which are directly under the control of the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA).

Amer Visa Center provides customers with guidance and services, including obtaining entry permits, issuing visas, renewing residency visas, and canceling visas, among many other services provided by government agencies and departments. In order to apply for a residence visa for your spouse, parent, or child, you need to go to an Amer Typing Center, where staff will 'encode' the information to be processed into the government system. Formerly, you could visit third-party Typing Centers to get these done, but now they've all been replaced by Amer Centres.  

Services offered by Amer Centres in Dubai:  All-In-One Visa Processing Center in Dubai

Here are the services that you can process at Amer Centres:

1. Visa and entry permit applications

2. UAE visa renewal

3. UAE visa cancellation

4. The Emirates ID service

5. Visa Service for Maid 

6. Application for Employee Sponsorship Transfer

7. Dependent Visit Visa

8. Application for Visa Extension

9. All other government services

In addition to the GDRFA, Amer Centres also coordinate with other government agencies, including the Department of Economic Development, the Dubai Courts, the Dubai Municipality, the Emirates Identity Authority, the Federal Customs Authority, and the Ministry of Labour.

The Amer Centre, therefore, serves as a "one-stop shop" for citizens and residents in the UAE to obtain multiple government services. As a result, it is quite convenient now, since you only need to present your documents to this office, rather than visiting other government offices for the rest of your paperwork. Moreover, it is also possible to apply for an Emirates ID, as well as a Medical Fitness test at one of the Amer Centers in the city.

Amer Centres employ Emirati staff and use smart equipment that can handle at least 6,000 transactions per day. There is also a self-service kiosk that speeds up the transaction process even more. Moreover, some non-Emiratis are also assisting applications inside the office and handling the service desk.

Despite being supervised by the GDRFA, AMER centers are managed by local private investors. A total of 15 Emirati staff members are being trained for each center, while the office setup, equipment, and location are being prepared.

Amer Centres Offices in Dubai: Location and Contact Details

Depending on where you live, you may be able to find these centers in various parts of the city. The logo of these centers is quite striking and easy to recognize. A few of the Amer Centres in Dubai are listed below:

Amer Center Burjuman 

AMER Tamaam Government Transactions Clearing 

Amer Center One Click Government Transactions 

NYPD Typing 

AMER And Tasheel MSME Government Transactions 

GoodHand Government Transactions LLC 

GFE Consultancies And Multi Services 

Amer Fast Action Online Government Transactions Processing 

Express Convey Document Clearing 

Amer 247 

Emirates Professional Business Center LLC Al Twar Centre 

Itqan Businessmen Services 

Amer Center Al Taresh Government Services 

AL Rawda Typing And Documents Clearing 

Amer centre Dubai 

Amer Center Business Bay Government Services And Typing Center 

Amer Center Bur Dubai Government Services And Typing Center 

Check out some other typing centres in UAE 


Amer Centres' working hours 

Additionally, it is important to consider the operating hours of these Amer Centers. A few close at 6 pm, while others close at 8pm. But a few remain open 24 hours a day. Checking the UAE local business listings will assist you in finding out which centers are open and can assist you at the time you wish to visit.

A more flexible operating schedule allows residents to process their visa applications after work hours. Providing this kind of adjustment by the government shows their concern for expat workers in Dubai!

You can easily access government services in Dubai with the many Amer Centres scattered throughout the city! You may visit the official website of the GDRFA to learn more about Amer Centre locations and services. 

Smart App for Amer

It is also important to note that there is an Amer Smart App for mobile phones, which allows residents to apply for applications from home and only use their mobile devices. It can be downloaded on Android and iOS, and makes it easier for applicants to upload documents (by taking a picture of their documents) and submit them through the app.

Thus, you can conveniently apply for UAE visas on your phone. When the documents have been uploaded, you will be redirected to the Amer Center nearest you for the final step. This results in shorter waiting times for everyone and it makes the process much more convenient for everyone.

Other third-party typing centers in the UAE

It should be noted that the Amer centers are not located in other emirates, as this project is essentially a Dubai project only. Therefore, if you are planning to process your visa in another emirate (such as Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Umm Al Quwain, Ras Al Khaimah, Fujairah, or Ajman), you will still need to go through the traditional process (first you will need to go to a Typing Center, and then you will need to visit the GDRFA office).

As someone who needs to apply for a residency visa, the convenience of processing and submitting our documents all in one location is very convenient. By doing this, you do not need to go to different government departments at different offices to process your visa application. Amer Centres definitely help Dubai become a smarter city. Knowing that a major part of the city's goal is to build a technologically advanced mega city is definitely an improvement and progress!

Here we conclude our guide to Amer centers. We would like to hear your thoughts. Feel free to suggest improvements in the comments section. Please share it if it was helpful to you.

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