Man Raped His Seven Year Old Daughter
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Sharjah: Police have arrested a man following allegations he raped his seven-year-old daughter.
The Asian suspect has been referred to the Sharjah Public Prosecution 11 days after the incident is said to have occurred.

According to police, the man consumed alcohol, went inside his daughter’s bedroom and raped her while his wife was sleeping.
The woman woke up when she heard her daughter screaming loudly.
The mother found the door locked and when the door was opened, she saw her daughter in tears.

Police said the mother was in such a state of shock that she took her daughter and went straight to Sharjah International Airport without passports or tickets in a bid to fly to their home country with her daughter.
Police at the airport noticed the woman in a bad state and tried to calm her down while getting to the bottom of the incident.
The woman lodged a complaint against her husband.
The girl was subsequently sent for medical examination which confirmed rape, the police said.
The police later arrested the man. “The girl and her mother have been sent to a family support centre as they are suffering from severe trauma,” an official said.



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