Five People Murdered In Abu Dhabi Massage Parlour
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A worker allegedly murdered five people at a massage parlour in Abu Dhabi after he came to know that another man had paid sex with his girlfriend, an Abu Dhabi court has heard.

After stabbing to death the man who had sex with his girlfriend, the defendant went on to allegedly attack and murder four other women at the parlour.

The parlour at the Musaffah industrial area was reportedly being used as a prostitution den by the defendant and eight others. The incident took place early this year.

The Abu Dhabi Criminal Court of First Instance heard that the Bangladeshi man used a kitchen knife to murder the Asian victim after coming to know he was having sex with his Indonesian lover.

Eight other Bangladeshi men, who knew about the murder but protected their friend by not reporting him to the authorities, were also charged in the case.

Official court documents stated that the Bangladeshi entered the massage parlour and found the Asian victim seated there.

As his girlfriend entered another room with the four other women, the man asked the victim whether he was having paid sex with his lover. When he said yes, the defendant stabbed him with a knife several times until he died.

After that, the defendant went on to attack the four other women as they had let his girlfriend have sex with other men in his absence. 

The case came to light after a worker reported to the police about a foul smell from a room in his neighborhood. When the police went to the parlour, they found the five bodies.

During the course of investigation, the police arrested the defendant, his girlfriend and the eight Bangladeshis. 

The defendant had admitted to the murder during his interrogation, but denied the charges in court.

The lawyer of the eight Bangladeshis told the court that his clients did not know about the murder and had nothing to do with it.

The trial was adjourned until September 26 to reach out to the victims' parents to see whether they would pardon the killer in return for blood money.



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