2 Yr Old Girl Died After Being Struck By A Car Outside A Dubai Hotel
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A two-year-old girl died after being struck by a car outside a Dubai hotel.

The child was rushed to hospital but died as a result of "severe injuries" resulting from the accident.

Police said the tragic incident occurred at about 1pm on Sunday afternoon.

A senior officer called on parents to ensure young children are closely monitored at all times.

Brig Abdullah Khadim Al-Maasim, director of Bur Dubai Police Station, said the driver was unable to avoid hitting the child.

The girl was staying at the hotel, the name of which police did not disclose, with her family.

“She suddenly walked out of the hotel and into the road outside,” said Brig Al-Maasim.

“The child was rushed to hospital but died there due to the severe injuries she sustained and Dubai police has made all arrangements to take her body to the emirate of her family’s residence,” he said.

“Parents need to pay closer attention to their children, mainly near exits leading to roads or in areas that witness heavy traffic like around schools.

“Kids have to be accompanied by an adult when outside and have to be held tight because children tend to move a lot and are not aware of the dangers their behaviour may cause.”

The officer said the incident remains under investigation.


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