A Woman Kills Her Baby 15 Minutes After Giving Birth
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The 28-year-old woman deliberately killed her baby 15 minutes after he was born, receiving a seven-year prison sentence.

The mother kept the body of her baby in a plastic bag for three days before throwing it away in a garbage dump.

She was arrested after a young man said he heard a woman scream - almost as if she was in labor.

His next sighting of the woman was three days later when he saw her carrying a bag in a corridor. He offered to help her carry the bag.

After that, the man accompanied the woman to a taxi. She told him that she planned to dispose of the bag in another place.

She was then asked to return to her room and was promised that he would do it instead. Afterward, he called the police, who arrested the woman within minutes.

The woman confessed to the police that she had been in a relationship that caused her to become pregnant. According to her, she gave birth in Al Rigga in her shared accommodation.

Putting the crying baby on the bed, she suffocated him with a pillow until he stopped crying, and he died. The woman attempted to hide the body for three days in her room and then dumped it in a bag and covered it with a bedsheet.

As a result, she was arrested by the Dubai Police and sentenced to seven years in prison. She will be deported after serving the entire sentence.

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