Most of Employees in UAE Look for New Jobs in Coming 6 Months
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According to a new poll conducted by Robert Half, a recruitment consultancy firm, nearly two-thirds of UAE employees, or 65 percent, plan to hunt for a new job in the first six months of 2022, as the drive for greater salary and better perks takes hold. 

Employees are optimistic about their career prospects in 2022, according to the report. In addition to the three out of ten workers looking for new jobs at the end of 2021, 15% will begin their job search in the new year. In Q2, another 19% will hunt for a new job, many of which will be followed by an annual bonus payout. 

Increased confidence in the UAE economy is fueling ambition among nearly half of people looking for a new job — 46% — who were previously waiting for the economy to improve. 

While the epidemic continued to cause uncertainty, around 25% of employees confessed that they stayed in their existing position to retain financial security; however, it appears that those fears are quickly disappearing. 

While this amount of migration is healthy and beneficial to the local economy, it does imply that companies should plan for employees to leave — or take further steps to keep them. Only 18% of job seekers believe their company could do anything to persuade them to stay, implying that most firms will be able to avert significant losses if they act quickly. 

"Offering cutthroat compensation and advantages to current and planned workers is significant for both maintenance and fascination," said Gareth El Mettouri, associate director for Robert Half Middle East. "Nonetheless, offering adaptability through remote or crossbreed working is turning out to be progressively significant - particularly when you're utilizing ex-taps."

"While the longing to move to the UAE, especially from the United Kingdom, is developing, offering adaptable working plans is one way to deal with increment your organization's attractiveness in a serious market place." While global companies are more versatile possessed organizations should get their game to enlist and keep representatives.

Around 36% of respondents who want to hunt for a new job in 2022 believe their present company does not listen to their desires and requirements. While it is true that nearly three in five people — 57% — want a greater wage and 54% want better benefits, these are not the only factors that might influence their decision. 

Flexible working is a big motivator for many employees, and while many firms enable employees to pick their surroundings, over 34% of those considering leaving claim they do not influence their working arrangements. Some employees choose flexibility over salary, with three in five (59%) admitting that they would take a wage decrease in exchange for more freedom. 

While employers may not like the concept of giving employees more freedom, there are clear benefits – across all workers, not just those looking for new jobs, 86% think that organizations need to give greater flexibility to retain personnel. 

With so many employees wishing to leave, executives should consider the benefits of recruiting new personnel, since more than three-quarters — 78% — of workers feel that organizations would struggle to find replacement staff if flexible working is not available.

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