The Travel Slowdown Threatens 46 Million Jobs
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The Air Transport Working Group forecasts that the impact of the Corona virus on travel may threaten 46 million jobs worldwide (Reuters).

The group expected the slowdown in travel and the slow recovery to threaten 4.8 million workers in the aviation sector and more than half of the 87.7 million jobs in total, which are directly or indirectly supported by the sector and related to entertainment industries and supply chains.
We know that many jobs in air transport and the wider aviation economy are under threat,” said Michel Gill, who heads the group that represents airlines, airports, aircraft makers and others in the sector.

This warning came after airlines lowered their forecast for air traffic in 2020 in light of the renewed outbreak of the Corona virus and restrictions on travel, which cast a shadow over the expectations. Airlines are pressing governments to lift the quarantines and other travel restrictions responsible for the worsening decline, and to conduct rapid checks for “Covid-19” at airports instead.

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