UAE And GCC Nationals Will No Longer Require A Visa To Enter The UK From 2023
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The UK will no longer require a visa for Emiratis and nationals of other GCC countries from 2023.

GCC nationals will no longer be required to obtain a visa to visit the UK, making them the first countries to benefit from the Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) scheme.

In a statement on Monday, the UK's Home Office said travellers from countries in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) will only need to apply online for an entry permit (ETA).

Visitors from certain nations are eligible to apply online for an ETA, a document that allows them to enter Great Britain without obtaining a visa.

ETAs will enable Gulf nations to travel freely to the UK without need for visas, British Home secretary Priti Patel said.

We have made the security of the UK border a top priority and are launching Electronic Travel Authorizations so that those wishing to enter have permission in advance of travel and those posing a threat are denied entry.

This scheme is an important part of the UK government's plan to have fully digital borders by 2025. In general, the change will apply to passengers visiting or transiting the United Kingdom without a visa or without another UK visa, according to reports.

According to the Home Office, the application process is straightforward. The scheme will allow the government to prevent terrorists from entering the country while also providing individuals with more assurances about their ability to travel.

After being granted, an ETA may be used to make multiple trips over a long period of time.

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