How To Book A Taxi In Dubai: A Complete Guide
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Almost everyone who travels within Dubai prefers to use a RTA taxi. It is the most popular mode of transportation in Dubai. RTA's taxi booking service comes in handy when there is no Metro stop or bus station nearby the intended destination. 

How do you book RTA taxis in Dubai?

No matter what your destination is, RTA taxis are easy to book and extremely convenient to use. Dubai's easiest way to get a taxi is to flag one on the street, but this only works if it's in a safe zone for a taxi to pick you up. Most taxis would only stop at designated pickup and drop-off points throughout the city.  

You can also book a RTA taxi in Dubai in other ways. Here are the options.

1. Take a Cab at the Taxi Rank

2. Taxi Booking Through S'hail 

3. Taxi Booking Through Hala

4. Taxi Booking Through DTC App

5. Call or SMS to Book a Taxi 

Take a taxi from the Taxi Rank: The Taxi Rank is as convenient as hailing a cab on the street. There's no need to frantically wave at the taxi in order to get its attention. Just go to the closest taxi rank and hail a cab. Taxi ranks are designated spots for taxi pick up and drop off across Dubai. 

There are taxi ranks everywhere in Dubai, including bus stations, metro stations, airport terminals, and shopping malls. There are usually multiple taxis at the rank waiting for customers. However, if there isn't one, use SMS taxi. 

Taxi Booking Through S'hail

S'hail, one of the top public transportation apps in Dubai, is the best choice for booking RTA cabs online. If you are looking for a quick solution to all public transportation-related problems, this is it. In order to book a taxi in Dubai with S'hail, follow these steps:

1. Download and register on the S'hail app. 

To download click here: Android  IOS  Website 

2. Sign in and click 'Request a ride' 

3. Choose your preferred mode of transportation - the Dubai taxi

4. Specify your pick-up and drop-off points, as well as departure times (if needed).

5. Press the ‘Book a taxi’ button and wait for a taxi to arrive.

You won't have to wait long and it's absolutely convenient. The same app can even be used to book a ride on a bus or a particular route on the Dubai Metro!

Taxi fares are the same as all other RTA taxi bookings in Dubai. But this is a faster and simpler way. Furthermore, RTA drivers are more tech-savvy, as they now have access to maps and directions to all pick-up and drop-off locations. 

Book a taxi through CAREEM’S hala app

Hala is another taxi hailing app in Dubai that lets users book a taxi seamlessly. It is a joint venture between RTA and Careem, Hala. You can also book your taxi using the Careem app. This is how you can book a Hala Taxi by Careem.

1. Download Careem app. You need to create an account on Careem if you do not already have one.


2. Choose Hala Taxi from the car types list

3. Book the "Hala Van" if you have more passengers

4. Confirm the pickup location

5. Select your destination

6. Select your payment method

7. Click 'Yalla' to find your captain

Taxi Booking Through DTC App

In Dubai, the Dubai Taxi Corporation, a subsidiary of the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), operates several taxi services. A few of the services offered include DTC Limousine Service, Hatta Taxi, Airport Taxi, and general taxi service. It is also possible to book taxis in Dubai via the app.

Download DTC App for (Click on the links given below): 

Android  IOS  

Book a taxi through SMS or phone call

Taxi service via SMS:

Only RTA taxi ranks have this option for booking taxis. To do so, follow the steps:

1. Write a message with the taxi rank number you are at and send it to "4774".

2. An SMS will provide you with the taxi booking number and details of the taxi assigned to you, so you can identify the taxi. A taxi reservation and distribution system is integrated with the SMS taxi service in Dubai. You are assigned the nearest vacant taxi as soon as your SMS inquiry is received by the system.

Call the taxi reservation centre:

A phone call is the easiest method in Dubai for booking a taxi. You can book a taxi in Dubai by calling +971-4-208-0808.

Charges for booking RTA taxis in Dubai (RTA taxi fares Dubai)

As shown in the table below, the RTA taxi fares in Dubai apply. Price changes may occur over time, as and when RTA deems necessary. 

1. Airport taxi Serves @ Dubai International Airport: Starting fare of AED 25 + additional fare of 1.75 AED per kilometer.

2. Hatta taxi: Hatta taxi charges AED 25 per person for a seven-seater vehicle.

3. Ladies taxi: The starting fare is 6 AED in the morning, noon, and evening, and 7 AED after 10.00 pm.

4. Typical cab service from the airport: All DTC Taxi customers within the United Arab Emirates can use this service

5. Special needs taxi service: Starting fares for this service vary depending on time and location.

It is important to note:

1. Taxis at the airport are not subject to these fares. Airport fares are slightly higher.

2. Whenever the RTA taxi passes through toll gates, a salik charge is added to the fare

Dubai taxi payment modes: How do i pay?

Point of Sale (POS) devices are now installed in all taxis in Dubai. Paying for a taxi ride is now a lot easier. The following methods can be used:

1. Cash

2. Apple Pay

3. NOL Card

4. Samsung Pay

5. Debit/credit card

Thus ends our post on how to book an RTA taxi in Dubai. It's never been a problem to get a public taxi in Dubai with the different options available. In order to make lives easier for the residents and tourists in Dubai, the RTA and Dubai government are constantly looking for new ways. Please leave a comment below if anything is incorrect or we have missed something. Please share this guide with those who are new to Dubai as much as possible. Let us know about your experiences as well.

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