What Is The Difference Between An Entry Permit And A UAE Residence Visa?
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This article will explain the different types of entry permits issued

You may encounter several terms that are unfamiliar to you when traveling to the UAE, whether to live with your family or to accept a job offer. You will receive an Entry Permit from your sponsor as one of the first documents to be sent. Since you intend to stay in the UAE, you will also need a residence visa. What is the difference between an entry permit and a residence visa? Here's everything you need to know.

The UAE Entry Permit Is: 

A UAE entry permit is a document that permits foreigners to enter the UAE legally and remain for the specified period on the permit, as stated on the official UAE government website - u.ae. The permit may be a physical one or even an electronic one (e-permit).

The sponsor may be a private or public company, a relative or a UAE airline or hotel. There is a difference between an entry permit and a visit visa, which can be obtained by a person who is not currently inside the country.

Visitors may be able to receive their entry permit at the point of arrival without needing to apply in advance. GCC citizens are not required to obtain a visa in order to enter the UAE, and some nationalities can obtain one on arrival.

Types of entry permits, their validity, and their duration: 

Various types of entry permits are issued depending on the reason for entering the UAE. 

Here are a few:

1. Entry permit for employment

2. Entry permit for family visit

3. Entry permit for tourism/transit

4. Entry permit for treatment

5. Entry permit for mission

6. Entry permit for attending conferences.

The validity period of the entry permit is specified on the permit. Most entry permits have a validity period of two months. Within this period, an individual may enter the UAE with a permit. Entry permits expire automatically upon their expiration, they cannot be extended.

Types of entry permits determine the duration of stay, which is different from the permit's validity. For example, transit permits permit the holder to stay in the country for four days, while employment permits allow the holder to stay for two months.

The UAE Residence Visa: 

The person is issued a residence visa once he or she has already entered the country using the entry permit.

You would be required to leave the country if your status does not change to that of a residence visa holder upon the expiration of the entry permit duration to avoid fines and penalties.

Those who overstay their visa will be fined Dh100 per day from 10 days after their visa expires.

In order to convert a residence permit into a visa, you must undergo a medical fitness test and apply for the visa as well as an Emirates ID. The visa is valid for one, two, or three years, depending on the type of visa.

Note: The sponsor is responsible for all costs related to the visa process.

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