How To Check UAE Visa Status, Validity Using Passport Only
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It's a task for every UAE resident to remember the month when their residence visa is going to expire. Depending on the visa type visa expires every two years, or maybe three.

Though we remember the month of visa expiry we usually don't remember the exact date. So, if we want to check its expiry, we start flipping pages of our passport. But the problem is we don’t always carry our passports with us. What can be done about this?

The solution for this problem is to check the visa validity using your passport. All you need to know is your passport number and the passport expiry date. For that, you can keep a photocopy of your passport, or a scanned document saved on your mobile phone.

The Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (ICA) provides this service through its website.  UAE residents can enter passport information for verification, if a visa is still valid, and can check whether the issued visa is valid or not. Residents can also cross-check the validity of visas through this official government website.

Here is the step-by-step guide to check the validity of a resident visa using your passport:

1. Visit the portal, click on the link here.

2. Select the 'Passport Information' radio button.

3. Select either 'residency' or 'visa'.

4. Enter your passport number and passport expiry date.

5. Enter nationality from the dropdown on the right. A corresponding number will appear on the box on the left.

6. Select the captcha check box and click on search.

The page will now display your visa details along with the date of expiry.

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