How Expats Can Sponsor A Maid Or Nanny In Dubai
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How to sponsor and hire domestic workers legally in Dubai: A step-by-step guide for expats:

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Some expats find that hiring a full-time maid or nanny makes life much easier. It doesn't matter if you're working, raising a family, or just need a hand around the house, sponsoring A domestic helper in Dubai can help you manage your time more efficiently.

You can read this article for more information on how to sponsor a nanny or maid in Dubai. In this article, we'll cover the steps and criteria required to sponsor a full-time maid, part-time maid, or nanny in Dubai.

What is required when hiring domestic helpers in Dubai

Expatriates can hire sponsored domestic help if they meet one of the following requirements under UAE Executive Regulation No. 10 of 2017 on Domestic Workers:

1. Families or individuals with a combined monthly income of at least AED 25,000.

2. Those who have been approved by the UAE Cabinet to sponsor domestic helpers.

3. Patients with accredited medical coverage in the UAE, and whose family members have at least AED 15,000 in combined income.

4. Expats working in the UAE as consultants and legal counsellors of various specialties.

5. According to UAE labour regulations, special cases may be approved by a competent minister.

6. It is not allowed for bachelors to hire maids.

From where do you hire a domestic worker: 

UAE citizens and expats will only be allowed to hire domestic helpers from Tadbeer centers. The UAE has closed 250 recruitment offices for domestic workers, announced Nasser bin Thani Al Hamli, Minister of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MoHRE). More agency closures will follow in the coming months. These measures are taken in order to protect the rights of both workers and employers.

Cost of sponsoring a maid or nanny in Dubai: 

Even in households on a tight budget, you can hire a maid or nanny in Dubai. The following is an overview of the cost involved in hiring and sponsoring a live-in domestic helper in Dubai.

Make it clear that to hire a maid in UAE, you or your entire family must earn 25,000 dirhams in a month.

1. Monthly Wages: It varies from AED 1,500 to AED 5,000 monthly based on the job experience, responsibilities, references, skills, etc. Moreover, her home country's minimum wage must also be followed by her embassy in the UAE, to determine a maid's monthly income.

Below you will find a list of the minimum wage in Dubai based on country:

India:   AED 1100

Sri Lanka:   AED 825

Philippines:   AED 1400 (age must be at least 30 and not over 60)

Bangladesh:   AED 750

Indonesia:   AED 800

2. Health insurance: Providing health insurance coverage for the full-time domestic worker is a legal requirement for all sponsors. AED 5,000 to AED 10,000 in insurance costs can be expected, depending on the insurance provider and the premium you choose.

3. Cost of sponsorship: In order for your maid to reside in the UAE, you need to apply for her resident visa as her legal sponsor. The cost per year is between AED 5,000 and AED 5,500, which isn't refundable.

4. Air ticket: It is your responsibility to provide your maid or nanny with an annual return ticket. Prices depend on the airline you choose and the destination.

5. Average living costs: You may have to pay for her live-out accommodation if she does not live with you. However, if the maid lives with you, as a sponsor you have the responsibility to provide her with a place to stay at your house, food expenses, and other basic necessities.

6. Refundable security deposit: You may have to provide a security deposit, which may range between AED 3,000 and AED 10,000, depending on the maid's nationality and the embassy's rules.

7. Additional government Charges: In addition to her medical tests, registration, and Emirates ID, you will be required to pay the government of the UAE.

Costs of hiring a full-time nanny or maid through an agency

An agency can be slightly more expensive if you prefer to hire a maid in Dubai, even though the process is faster. Here are the costs associated with hiring a full-time maid in Dubai via an agency.

Agency fees (One time): This can range from AED 5000 to AED 15000, Including the maid's visa, health insurance, medical test, airfare, Emirates ID, agency finder fee, etc.

Salary: The salary for a maid is typically between AED 3,000 and AED 5,000 per month, depending on your contract.

Accommodation Cost: There is a choice to live-in or live-out with maid agencies in Dubai. You should expect to pay an additional fee for accommodation if you choose to hire a live-out maid.

Dubai's cost of hiring a part-time maid or nanny:

Part-time maid services are available from cleaning companies and maid agencies in Dubai if you don't require full-time help around the house and need an extra pair of hands occasionally. Due to the fact that you will not be responsible for her stay, hiring a part-time maid in the UAE is more affordable, easier, quicker, and simpler.

Cleaning agencies and companies in Dubai offer a few part-time services, including cleaning and babysitting. Whether you book online, over the phone, or through an app (if they have one), you can do it easily.

The hourly rate ranges between AED 20 and AED 50. Depending on how many hours/days per week you choose to have her clean your house and the amount of cleaning supplies you buy, the final cost will vary.

There might be an additional charge if you want to hire a part-time maid after hours or in the evenings.

Sponsoring a maid in the UAE: How to apply for a maid's UAE visa

No matter how you plan on hiring a maid in Dubai, you must submit certain documents in order to meet the requirements. Below is a list of documents required for sponsoring a nanny or housemaid in Dubai

It is important to note that a Dubai housemaid's UAE visa can only be obtained and obtained by the head of the family, generally the male.

Documents needed for sponsoring a housemaid in Dubai

Applicants for residency permits for maid must submit the following documents to the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs - Dubai (GDRFA).

1. The visa application form was typed through an authorized typing office in Dubai.

2. Copies of the passports of the sponsor and the maid.

3. Sponsor's salary certificate.

4. a copy of the UAE labour contract of the sponsor.

5. A copy of the health insurance card of the sponsor’s.

6. Bank statement of the sponsor for the month.

7. Passport-sized photos of the sponsor and the maid.

8. Maid's Medical Fitness Certificate, issued either by the UAE or by her country.

9. A copy of the sponsor’s tenancy contract (minimum two-bedroom home)

10. If the maid is from the same country as the owner, an affidavit from the embassy or consulate verifying a non-relationship.

The steps to apply  for a maid's visa in Dubai

1. Obtain the maid's work permit to enter the country

It is necessary for the sponsor to obtain a typist authorized by the government to complete the employment entry permit application. After that visit any Tasheel Centre in UAE, or submit all of the above documents, as well as this form, to the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) website. In this step, you will be required to pay AED 5200 (non-refundable) for a maid visa in Dubai and AED 2000 for a refundable deposit, refundable once the maid leaves the UAE. The typing fee is also payable here. In addition, you will be charged AED 100 if you request urgent services. 

Upon receiving the GDRFA's approval, you can either send the original permit or a copy to your maid if she resides in the UAE.

In case the maid is not in the UAE:

If you have only given her a copy of the permit, you need to present the original at a DNATA Visa Desk at Dubai airport or at a DNRD counter. After that, you can book your maid's ticket for entry into the UAE.

2. Get her medical fitness report: 

A Medical Fitness Report must be obtained within 30 days of the maid entering the UAE. Medical tests in Dubai cost AED 325, ranging up to AED 420 for urgent services and AED 520 for express services.

3. Obtain an Emirates ID card for the maid.

4. Obtain the UAE residency stamp for her passport.

5. Obtain the Domestic Worker Card as her sponsor.

6. Obtain the maid's Emirates ID.

Please contact GDRFA at 800-5111 or if you would like to receive further clarification concerning sponsoring a maid in Dubai.

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