How To Download Digital Emirates ID And Residency Through ICA UAE App: UAE Pass
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Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (ICA) issues the Emirates ID, which is mandatory for UAE citizens and residents. In addition to the physical Emirates ID, which residents and citizens should carry at all times, the ICA announced that it has developed an electronic/digital version of the Emirates ID that applicants can use until their physical cards arrive. We're going to find out how to get an E-Emirates ID.

This guide shows you how to get access to the official documents that you need such as an Emirates ID, a copy of your residence permit and much more.

Emirates ID: Status

The ICA website (Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship) previously only showed the status of the identification card, such as whether it had been approved, printed or is ready for collection, but now you can also download the digital copy of it. The only thing you need to do is link the UAE Pass app with your ICA account.

UAE Pass

A digital identity app called UAE Pass enables you to access your official documents on government websites and mobile apps. You can either download the app from your play store or access the links below for direct download.

For IOS 

For Android

Sign in with your UAE Pass:

1.  Open the app, select the language, and click Create Account.

2.  Accept the terms and conditions.

3. Scan the Emirates ID.

4. If you do not have an ID, select I don't have an ID.

5. Enter your name, phone number, and email address.

6. Verify the OTP.

7. Verify both your mobile number and email address.

When you verify your account, it will look like the one below (basic/verified). It is also sufficient to verify the account, search for UAE pass locations or utilize facial recognition services.

UAE Pass Account

Steps to Download Your Digital Emirates ID and Residency via ICA UAE:

1. Download the ICA UAE mobile application and follow the instructions.

2. When you have finished installing, click on sign in with UAE PASS.

How to sign in in UAE Pass

3. Authenticate your account again. If that fails, check your facial recognition or visit a UAE Pass kiosk to verify your account.  

How to download digital copy of emirate ID in UAE

4. Your name and photo will appear below the home page.  


5. Next, click Emirates ID and then click on the eye icon.

How to downloads residency visa digital copy in UAE

6. On the next page, you'll see a digital copy of your Emirates ID; rotate the page to see both sides. You may also download the Emirates ID from this page. From the same page, you can request a new ID if your current one is expired or lost.  

How to check emirate id status in UAE

Benefits of the UAE Pass and UAE ICA:

1. For official government services, you can use "view QR Code." To do this, simply scan the code.       

2. To check emirates id fines.

3. To Renew expired and lost ID.

4. To check visa overstay fines.

5. To check UAE visa status.

6. To check your residency information.

7. To see and download digital copy of residence visa.

8. To check the sponsor information.

9. To use immigration entry-exit service (IN/OUT)

10. To digitally sign and verify documents.

Important Contant Details: 

location Of UAE Pass kiosk 
Contact number UAE Pass  600561111.
Contact number ICA UAE  600522222.
Contact number Emirates ID  600522222. 

Note: You can use the following image or link if you are experiencing problems checking the Emirates id status: home page. You will need your Emirates ID number or application number to track the status.  

Emirates id status check

If you are having trouble verifying your UAE Pass or Emirates ID through the ICA UAE app, then you may need to update your software.

Please let us know if anything has been missed or incorrectly written in our comment section. We look forward to hearing from you. 


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