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In the UAE, gratuity for domestic workers is officially determined by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization. It is calculated on the basis of 14 days salary per year and can be calculated using the online gratuity calculator. 

It is clearly stated in Article 26 of UAE Domestic Worker Law: " The worker, who completes one year or more of continuous service, shall, at the end of his/her service be entitled to an end-of-service compensation. Unpaid days of absence from work shall enter into the calculation of the end-of-service compensation. The compensation shall be calculated on the basis of 14-day wages for each year of service and becomes due upon the termination of the contract. The calculation of the compensation resumes upon the renewal of the contract. "

Our short but important guide on how domestic workers can calculate their gratuity online in a few minutes will show you how to calculate gratuity for domestic workers. This is also known as the end of service calculator in the UAE.  In order to identify domestic workers with termination rights, we need to first know who falls into this category.

The following occupations have been added to the list of domestic helpers or domestic workers:

Domestic laborer
Family chauffeur
Household falcon care-taker and trainer
Household farmer
Household horse groomer
Household shepherd
Household maids
Private agriculture engineer
Private coach
Private Nurse
Private PRO
Private sailor
Private teacher
Watchman/security guard

According to the UAE domestic worker law, we have already discussed who can claim gratuity. The next step is to look at who cannot claim gratuity pay.

It is mentioned in the Article 27 of Domestic helpers law: “The worker shall be denied end-of-service compensation if the contract is terminated due to unlawful discontinuance of work or if the worker acts to terminate the contract without due cause.”

Domestic worker will not get End-Of-Service benefits if:

1. The employee resigns prior to the end of the contract: In case an employee violates their employment contract, he or she is supposed to pay a contract breach compensation. It is the net salary or total salary of the employee. For example, if you're earning 1500 AED per month, then you have to pay 1500 AED to your sponsor (employer) when you don't want to keep working with them as compensation.

2. If the Employer terminates the Contract: Employees who resign as a result of the employer breaking the contract, or if the employer terminates the employee for no reason, should be compensated by the employer for the breach by receiving a full month's salary. Suppose you are earning 1500 AED per month. Then your employer has to pay you your gratuity, your normal salary, plus 1500 AED extra for breaching the contract.

Gratuity Calculations for domestic workers in the UAE:

Follow these steps to calculate the domestic workers' gratuity according to UAE Labour Law:

1. Visit MOHRE UAE website

How to calculate gratuity for domestic worker in UAE


2. Enter the start and end dates of your contract.

3. Please enter the total net salary you receive from your employer and the basic salary as agreed upon by both parties in the domestic worker's contract.

4. Select a reason for leaving from the six options below to explain why you are leaving:
How to calculate gratuity in UAE
4. For those who are not receiving annual leave, injury/disability money, weekend allowances, or any other type of pay, such as working during holidays, etc, they will have to select the number of days, months, or years to get their total allowances.

How to calculate gratuity in UAE
Once you have verified that you have met the above requirements, check the total allowances tab. This will avoid future issues with your employer. You can print it for your safety or take a screenshot of it.

How to calculate domestic worker gratuity in UAE


So that's how you calculate gratuities for domestic workers in the UAE. We will keep you updated about UAE labour laws. Please notify us if anything is incorrect. Your feedback is always welcome.


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