How To Check Emirates ID Status Online 2022
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Emirates ID is the main ID or resident card of all UAE citizens and residents. It must be always carried. It is issued by ICA (Identity and citizenship authority) The card has an electronic chip containing significant data about the resident, including basic details, photos, and biometric information or fingerprints. It is issued when your residence visa is stamped on your passport and your Emirates ID’s validity period is the same as your UAE visa validity.

Why Emirates ID is used in UAE?

1. To Apply for various government services like DEWA etc.

2. Sponsor dependents under your visa.

3. Leasing an apartment.

4. Passing immigration e-gates at UAE airports.

How to check the validity of Emirates ID / Visa?

If you are not sure about the expiration date of your UAE Emirates ID/Visa or in case you are stuck outside UAE and you don't know whether your residency status in UAE is valid or not.

Well in that case you just need to visit the official website of the Federal Authority of Identity and Citizenship (FAIC)

How to check emirate id validity in UAE

Fill the above form and you can check Emirate ID/ Visa’s status.

How To Check Emirates ID Application Status?

If you have applied for your Emirates ID or renewal, you can check its status online. To check the emirates id status, you need to have your Emirates ID number or valid registration application number (the number is provided on the application form).

Steps To Follow To Check Emirates ID Status:

1. Visit the official website of the Federal Authority of Identity and Citizenship (FAIC)  (link is only available in UAE). There is an option titled Check ID Status On the right side of the first page. 

How to check emirate id status 2022

2. Enter your application number or Emirates ID number excluding hyphens. 

How to check emirate id status in UAE

3. Then you will get a popup box that will show your application status.

How to check emirate id status in UAE 2022

By FAIC’s website, you can always track your ID's status.

In case you are finding any type of difficulty in getting your emirates id status details from the official website, then you can directly call on 600 522222 the ID Authority and check the same. They will let you know the correct status of your application.

Kindly Note: 

1. For those who have applied for their new visa need to enter PRAN (application number).

2. Those who have applied for renewal or replacement of cards will enter the existing emirates ID number.

Where To Find PRAN Number?

PRAN number is the application number written at the top of the Emirates ID registration form. Check out the image attached below of the Emirates id application.

What is PRAN in emirate id


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