Dubai DEWA’s Electric Vehicle Charging Stations: All You Need To Know
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Have you considered joining Dubai's electric vehicle revolution but aren't sure how easily your car can be charged? Dubai's Green Mobility Strategy offers many benefits to owning an electric car, which includes free parking and no salik fees. With over 300 charging stations in Dubai, Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) makes charging your car hassle-free as well.

So where are the charging stations in Dubai and how do you access them? Read on to find out.

Step 1: Get registered as an EV user with Dewa.

Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) registration is required for all electric vehicles sold in Dubai. When you register with RTA, you will also receive a welcome email from DEWA with instructions for registering as an EV user with DEWA and using our charging stations, according to DEWA. Here are the steps to register with DEWA as an EV user:

1. Upon registering your vehicle with the RTA, click on the link provided in the email sent to you by Dewa.

2. Use your Dewa account if you already have one, or register if this is your first time.

3. To register, go to the ‘EV Account & Charging Card Management’ and enter the details of your car and TC number.

4. Pay the deposit (AED 500) and the delivery fee of AED 20 for the EV Green Charger card.

5. A receipt will be emailed to you and the courier company will call you to deliver the EV Green Charger card within three working days.

Step 2: Locate the nearest charging station

DEWA has installed over 300 charge points across Dubai, whose locations are mapped and updated across platforms such as its website, smart application, Google Maps, and Apple Maps. 

However, the UAE local website is the best place to find charging stations near you. We have provided all the contact details and locations of the electric vehicle charging points in Dubai.

Location and contact details of all Dubai electric vehicle charging points 

You can choose from four different types of charging stations provided by DEWA as an electric vehicle driver. Chargers are classified based on their kW(kilowatt) capacity, which determines how long it would take to fully charge your vehicle and how much it might cost.

Types of electric vehicle chargers: 

1. Wall Box Charger (22 kW)

Depending on the type of car and battery capacity, provides a full charge in two to four hours.

2. Public Charger (22 kW)

Depending on the type of car and battery capacity, provides a full charge in two to four hours.

3. Fast Charger (43 kW)

Within 20 to 45 minutes, it can charge 80 percent of a car's battery depending on the type of car and the capacity of the battery. Usually, fast chargers are located in petrol stations.

4. Ultra-Fast Charger (150 kW)

Two ultrafast EV Green Chargers with 150 kilowatts (direct current) capacity have been installed at ENOC station, located at Expo 2020 Dubai and DEWA headquarters by DEWA. It usually takes 15 minutes for an ultra-fast charger to fully recharge a vehicle.

You can find a DEWA electric vehicle charging station near you by following these steps:

1. UAE local Website Check out this link to find the nearest EV charger.

2. DEWA Website

Check out this link to find the nearest EV charger

3. Through DEWA App

Android | IOS 

The following steps should be followed if you are driving your EV and your dashboard indicates your battery is low:

-Open the DEWA app on your mobile phone.

-On the home page, click 'EV Charging'

-Click on 'EV Charging Locations' at the bottom of your screen

-Allow location access.

-You will then be able to see all the EV charging stations closest to you on the map.

4. Through Google Maps

Go to the '...More' section on your Google Map home page and scroll down to services. The seventh option is 'Electric Vehicle Charging', and you will be directed to the nearest charging station.

5. Through Apple Maps

Start the app and go to the search bar. Browse DEWA EV Chargers in your area by typing ‘EV Chargers’.

Now how do you charge your car once you've decided where to go?

Step 3: Charge your vehicle 

When you locate a charging station near you, you can use the Dewa Green Charger Card to recharge your vehicle. How to use it is explained here in step-by-step detail.

1. Scan your EV Green Charger Card and select a port to plug into. There are two ports on each charging station.

2. The charging cable should be plugged into the port of your choice.

3. The other end of the charging cable should be plugged into your vehicle.

4. As the car is being charged, the station's status light will turn blue.

5. You will receive the charge status on your phone. After the car is fully charged or charged enough according to your requirements, scan your EV Green Charger Card again and press the 'STOP' button.

6. Once you've completed the process, press the 'EXIT' button on your vehicle and return the cable to the port.

What does the colours of the charging station mean: 

The charging station's status is indicated by three colors:

The green light: It indicates that the system is ready.

The blue light: It indicates that charging is underway.

The red light or a yellow light: An error is indicated by a red light or a yellow light.

Note: You can contact DEWA Customer Care Center on 04 601 9999 if you encounter any problems while charging your vehicle. You can find detailed instructions on how to use the charging points in the user guides.

How can I pay for charging vehicles (For DEWA registered users):

If you are a registered user, you will not have to pay for each charge. DEWA will instead issue a monthly bill based on how many times you used the charging facility. It will cost you 29 fils per kWh.

How to charge a vehicle if you are not registered with Dewa: 

The following steps can be followed by electric vehicles that are not registered with DEWA to charge with DEWA:

1. There is a QR code on each EV charging station, which needs to be scanned in order to start using the charging station.

2. You can scan the QR code either through the camera on your smartphone (if your phone's camera supports QR code scanning) or by downloading the DEWA Smart App, available on Android and Apple.

3. After scanning the code, you will be directed to the charging station platform, where you can log in by tapping 'Guest Mode'.

4. Then, connect the charging cable to your device and select "Start Charging" from the device's screen, then press the charger's "Start" button.

5. When the charging station's status light turns blue, the car is being charged.

6. On your phone, you will receive the status of the charge. When your car has been charged fully or enough as per your needs, press the 'STOP' button on your mobile screen and disconnect the cable from your vehicle and return it to the charging port.

Costs of EV Charging for non-registered DEWA users:

In case of guest users, a one-time payment will be required as per the specific packages available. Guest users will be charged the following prices:

Cost of Electric vehicle charging for non registered users in dubai

This concludes our guide to using an electric vehicle in Dubai. If there is anything we missed or something is incorrect, please let us know in the comment box. If there are improvements to be made, please suggest them as well. We will be bringing you some more interesting topics about UAE in the near future. Stay tuned for more. 

Thank you for reading.!!! 

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