Residents Of The UAE Can Now Apply For Israel Visas At VFS
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UAE residents can apply for their Israel visas at the Abu Dhabi VFS Global Visa Application Centre starting August 1.

Tourists, businesses, students, conferences, medical visits, and relatives and family are among the categories in which the center accepts applications.

Atul Marwah, Head - Middle East & North Africa, VFS Global, and Danny Gadot, Ambassador of Administration and Consular Affairs, Israel Embassy in the UAE, signed the contract earlier this year. The Israel Embassy in the UAE has outsourced its visa application process for the first time.

According to Atul Marwah, Head - Middle East & North Africa, VFS Global, "we are excited to embark on this new partnership with the Israel Embassy in the UAE, bringing our expertise to the process of applying for a visa.

As a tourism representation agency in the UAE, VFS Global will represent the Israel Ministry of Tourism in February 2022. VFS Global is proud to extend its association with this beautiful country through this new association."

VFS Global offers a range of optional services, such as passport withdrawal, video conferencing for child applicants, form filling assistance, SMS updates, and courier return.

You can also submit your application from VFS Global's Premium Lounge, where you will receive end-to-end personalised assistance.

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