Sheikh Hamdan Reacts As Woman Shares Perfect 'Only In Dubai' Safety Story
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The UAE routinely secures impressive scores in global safety indexes. In fact, just last week, Gallup's 2021 Global Law and Order report cited 95 per cent of the country's residents as saying that they feel safe walking alone at night.

A Dubai-based coach found out recently just how safe the country is. And agreeing with her assessment was none other than Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai.

Here is how the whole saga transpired:

Taking to Instagram stories, Claudine Foong said she had forgotten her stroller in a parking lot overnight. She found it in the exact same place the next morning, “with nothing missing”.

This can happen “only in Dubai”, she posted.

Sheikh Hamdan posted a screengrab from the Story, with an added message: “Thank you Claudine, a true story that we can all relate to in Dubai. But next time, no strollers left behind please.”

In Gallup's Global Law and Order index released last week, the UAE was ranked second globally.

Several other reports have ranked the UAE highly when it comes to safety.

Women feel safer in UAE than any other country, according to the recent Women, Peace and Security Index survey by Georgetown University. A total of 98.5 per cent of the women surveyed, aged 15 and above, said they feel 'safe walking alone at night'.

In July, the UAE was ranked the second safest country among the world's 134 countries, according to the Global Finance magazine.



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