UAE Torture Video Girl Is Handed Over To Father
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She was provided with the necessary health and psychological care.
The child who was recently tortured by her mum in a video that went viral on social media has been handed over to her father after treatment.

Sources close to the girl's family said a delegation from Abu Dhabi Police handed the child over to her father, after she was provided with the necessary health and psychological care.

The decision to officially grant custody of the child to his father will however be formally made by court.

The Abu Dhabi Police said on Wednesday that they arrested the woman for torturing her own child and recording the abuse.

The force nabbed the woman soon after the video triggered reactions from citizens condemning the abuse. Investigations revealed that the incident happened following a dispute between the woman and her husband, the child's father. Police then referred the mother to the public prosecution.

Major Abdullah Nasser Al Alawi, director of children and juveniles section in the Social Support Center at Abu Dhabi Police said the child was apparently in good health. He noted that the social support center has been following up the child's situation and provided psychological support to her.

The Abu Dhabi Early Childhood Authority (ECA) on Thursday condemned the video in which the child was seen being abused and described the incident as an awful crime contravening the good moral values of the Emirati society.

The ECA said the mother's behaviour of abusing her child runs contrary to foundations of social life, values and authentic traditions of the Emirati people.

The Emirates Child Protection Association also condemned the child abuse incident and called for thorough examination of parents being granted custody of children after couples have separated, including psychiatric tests and ensuring that they have a clean criminal record.

"There should be compulsory psychiatric examination for child custodians, in light of the high rate of divorce, to ensure that they are psychologically and mentally competent to take care and raise the children," said an official from the association.



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