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The DubaiNow smart app is the government's first unified app offering over 80 convenient services. Using the DubaiNow app, which offers more than 80 services, including government services, Dubai residents can now pay utilities, renew bills, and renew vehicles, as well as apply for, renew, or cancel UAE residency visas for their spouse or child.  Visa applications and cancellations can be completed through the app. 

The Dubai Police, Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), Knowledge and Human Resources Authority (KHDA), and Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) are among the 15 government entities that have partnered with Smart Dubai to offer their services on the app.

If you wish to sponsor family members in Dubai, you can do so with the DubaiNow app. As per an announcement by the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) on May 3, 2021, it is now possible to get or renew the residency of any family member via the app.

For you to use the service and complete the process in the palm of your hand, here are the steps:

Here are the steps to follow:

1. Download the DubaiNow app ( Click on the link below )

Android | IOS  

The app is available in both Arabic and English.

2. Create an account. You must create an account after downloading the app. Emirates ID numbers can be added during signup or later.

Dubai Now App

3. Click "Residency Visas". You will then find options allowing you to check your current visa status, manage your family's visas, or apply for a residency visa.

Dubainow app residency visa application

a) Entry permit: Request an entry permit for your spouse and children.

b) Get residency: Get your spouse and children entry permits and residence permits.

c) Manage residency: View and manage the residency of your family.

d) Check visa status: In case you have submitted a visa application for someone, GDRFA will provide you with information on the status of that visa application

e) Request reports: If you would like a travel report showing the countries that the sponsor and dependents have visited and left, or a dependent report to see who has been with them and what details they have.

4. Open sponsorship file: If you do not have a dependent under your sponsorship yet, you would need to open a sponsorship file, which costs AED 250.

To obtain the sponsorship file, you will need to register at or download ICA app and create an account. You can also obtain it through UAE Pass credential. 

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Or else if you already have a dependent under your name, The app will let you manage the residency application of any dependent under your name.

Documents required to sponsor file registration:

1. Sponsor's passport copy and visa page (Colour copy in pdf or jpeg format)

2. Copy of sponsor's Emirates ID (Colour copy in pdf or jpeg format)

3. The sponsor's salary certificate if he works for the government, or his labour contract if he works for the private sector

Documents required for applying for entry permit for family and children through the DubaiNow app:

GDRFA has also posted a list of documents that sponsors must submit in order to apply for their entry permit or residence visa:

1. A recent photo of the sponsored person with a white background.

2. A copy of the sponsor's passport and residence visa (valid).

3. A copy of the dependent's passport (should be valid for at least six months).

4. Translation of a birth certificate into Arabic, legal translation and duly certified (for sponsoring a child)

5. Translation of marriage contract into Arabic (legal translation) and certification (for wife sponsorship).

6. In case the husband's nationality is different from the wife's, you will need a No objection certificate (NOC) from the husband’s consulate.

7. A salary certificate, employment contract or partnership contract (depending on the sponsor's establishment), providing his monthly income does not fall below AED 4,000.

8. Study enrolment certificate (for students over the age of 18).

9. A tenancy agreement or title deed.

10. Single status certificate ( provided the dependent daughter is over 18 years old).

11. When the wife is the sponsor, a NOC issued by her husband (the father of her children) or an attested custody proof must be enclosed.

12. A copy of the ID card issued by the dependent's country.

Using this method will save you time, reduce paper consumption in transactions, and assist the emirate in achieving complete digital transformation.

Other Services of DubaiNow App: 

Here are some of the other services you can find on DubaiNow:

Utilities and bills payments

You can use the app to pay your DEWA and Etisalat bills, as well as bills issued by the Delaware Electric Power Authority and the Dubai Municipality.

Additionally, you can pay any road-related debts, such as traffic fines pending with Dubai Police, top up your Salik, and recharge your NOL cards.

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Driving and public transportation

The app lets you renew vehicle registration, pay parking fees, explore various speed limits in Dubai, find the nearest petrol station, and pay for petrol using the app. It also displays road accident updates so you can plan your trip more effectively.

At Dubai International Airport, flyers can track flight departures and arrivals. This app allows users to view the RTA metro map and plan their trips between A and B by viewing available transportation, timings, and the best routes.

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You can filter the list of KHDA-registered schools, universities, and colleges by rating, A-Z alphabetical order, fees, curriculum, and location.

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Muslim users

Displays daily prayer times, nearest mosques, and the quickest route to a prayer center.

Safety and security

Users of the DubaiNow app can report law violations directly to the Dubai Police. It also provides directions and the nearest police station. Users can view the status of their Dubai Court cases. Emergency numbers like Dubai Police, Ambulance, and Fire Department can be found on the app so users can call them in case of an emergency.

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Users may search on trade activity, track and renew trade licenses registered with the Department of Economic Development (DED), and reserve a trading name using the Department of Economic Development (DED) feature.

General: You can view the Dubai Calendar and the weather on the app.

It allows users to locate the nearest ATM or bank branch, track Emirates Post shipments, see shopping rates, and provide feedback on complaints regarding services provided by government entities.

The guide to the DubaiNow app ends here. Any questions regarding the app can be posted below in the comment section. If you have any suggestions, please let us know. We value your feedback.

Thanks for reading. We'll be back soon with some other important topics. You may contact us if you are a new resident of the UAE and need information about the region.

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